Can you refer me ?

This is meant to be a quick FAQ for people who want me to refer them at whatever company I’m employed at.

I rarely open linkedin, which means I can’t help people even if I want to. If y’all just make sure to mention the basic info required, then ideally I can refer you after your first message. If there’s a bunch of to-and-fro b/w us, it’d probably not happen.

Q1. Can you refer me?

Honestly, in most cases, I will. I want people to enjoy where they work at and if that’s the firm where I’m at. That’s great!

Q2. How should I reach out to you ?

Most of the people here reach out to me on Linkedin and that works well. However, when you do write to me, please be sure to include the following

  • Quick introduction about who you’re
  • A bit about your previous experience (internships if recently graduated or just previous companies)
  • Why are you interested in the firm(/job-post) where I’m employed ? You can be honest with me :)
  • What job post(s) do you want me to refer you for? I’m not going to search this for you. Please refer to my firm’s career page and link job postings when you mesasge me
  • If there are specific requirments for a job post that you like. Do you qualify atleast a few of them ?

Q3. I have a scheduled interview with your firm. Can you help me with interviews?

You can most certainly find tons of details on my firm’s interview process on the internet. If you have specific questions that you couldn’t find answers to, please mention them instead of “Can you help me with interviews”. Don’t ask to ask.

Finally a general tip, which most of us have been guilty of at some point in our lives:

Isn't that obvious?

This question has often troubled me and kept me from posting content online. What happens if I type in something obvious. Share with the world that it actually came to my head and I was cocky enough to think people wouldn’t really know! Then again, if you think about it, that question is probably incomplete. Who exactly is the subject for the question. Who is it obvious or not obvious for?

Maybe something’s super obvious to you, but sounds strange to 50% of poeple you speak to about it. I was discussing about creating an online audience and about niches which we could (and should) write about with my good friend, Gyani. He ended up writing an amazing blog post about University placements in India and the false scarcity they tend to create. The one point that got me thinking this question in my conversation was about applying to companies outside the roster that is presented by the Placement team. A lot of students (myself included at some point) have given up on the idea of getting a particular job, esp if abroad. For me, Gyani and a lot of other folks, it’s just obvious. You want a job? You make a good resume, try to get a referral or just a apply on their careers page. Now, isn’t that obvious?

Maybe it is, for some. But would it have helped me, when it wasn’t obvious for me. This is also a result of my lack of empathy for my past self or others. Once you write something, cook something, do a trick, win a game, solve a question, ofcourse it seems obvious. But was it obvious, even moments before you actually did it for the first time?

What about empathy for your future self though. I have often thought about writing what I think of as a bounceback runbook. I seem to bounce around from super energetic (and mosty hyperactive) on most days to being super low on some days. I have been this way for atleast the last ten years and have seen some things that tend to move me from my super low segments to what is, for the most part, my normal. Hence, I came up with the idea of a checklist and I’d promise to follow when I’m low, with the expected return to feel better. This is mostly the regular, get your endorphins by working out and some serotonin via gratefulness exercises and stuff like that. It’s just that all this too obvious, when I”m “okay” and too much work, when I’m not.

I know for a fact that I’m going to encounter this question again very soon. I have thus shown, what is a beautiful example of empathy for my future self, or so I believe. Will I actually remember to read this when I need it? Oh well!