“If you’re not growing, you’re not living”

I’m listening to Rich roll’s book, ‘finding ultra’ right on, and the point where I’m at, Rich just realized this above statement. I’d highly recommend reading about Rich’s story and even his book if you’re more interested!


What went well?

  • Workouts – Well, almost
    • Did a total of around 37K during the week with a 20K long run. I could have scheduled the week better which could have given my legs more rest. A bit afraid to injure myself just 10 days before my race on the 19th of May!
  • Side project
    • Started working on auto-umm removal
    • Also spent some time trying to figure out the current state of the art on automated-transcription
    • Also spent some more time working on cryptopals.com

What didn’t go well?

  • Weekends
    • badly planned, didn’t follow whatever little I planned from the days and ended up losing my long weekend to doing nothing
    • discipline is difficult
    • Didn’t have a podcast recording this weekend, Have realized that if I suddenly have more time on my hands, then I mess it up unless I plan properly!

Plan for the upcoming week!

  • Workout
    • The last training week was probably my biggest training week
    • Plan to taper it a bit this week, would cycle to work and plan to do around 27-30K of mileage this week
      • Monday: slow: 30 minutes of aerobic base running
      • Tuesday: leg day + 30 minutes yoga complete Rest day
      • Wednesday: 10Km recovery run! Leg day + 30 minutes yoga
      • Thursday: tempo workout: 30 minutes @175 10Km recovery run!
      • Friday: rest tempo workout: 30 minutes @175
      • Saturday: shoulder + chest + tricep + 20 minutes restorative yoga
      • Sunday: 14K long run workout
    • I perhaps trained a bit harder then I should have last week, I have to balance to get to the right amount of uncomfortable. I’m confident to nip it in the bud and progress! Have to go easier on my long runs with perhaps a Z2 heart rate!
  • The early twenties podcast!
    • Excited about the recording again. Feels like so long since we recorded!
  • Side projects
    • have to be consistent

On the side, I’ve been listening to Rich roll’s Finding Ultra and Ray Dalio’s “Principles”. Each of which I am finding amazing and would summarize perhaps after a second hearing!

Don’t forget to have fun folks! Sodhi

Have to make it clear to myself that this is going to be super small.

I almost feel that I won’t be doing justice to this report if I write it now. But then, maybe that’s trying to excuse myself. Trying to think that I’ve more important things to do than to follow protocol, be disciplined. I guess, that might sum up my last few weeks.

Enough blabber


What went well?

  • Workouts:
    • I still only did 13K in weekly running mileage but worked out 5 days which is somewhat getting back on track.
    • I think I’ll have to give my body more time to get used to the cycling load and still do my running with the strength I used to have until a few weeks from now.
    • As mentioned earlier, a close friend is in town and it’s going to be really challenging to keep up with my workouts but I HAVE to do it
  • Work
    • Had an exciting week at work with a job fair going on and with all the interaction I did with a variety of teams. I think my appreciation for the company grew a lot. There are a ton of interesting problems.
  • Reading
    • I ordered another book and read a bit of it: The guide to a good life by someone…
    • Not a big win, but a start. Have to appreciate starts
  • Audiobook
    • I’m listening to https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/The-Ultimate-Jim-Rohn-Library-Audiobook/B076PRHZSD
    • and it’s AMAZIIINNNG!
    • Jim rohn is so funny and inspiring at the same time. #RIP

More blabbering!

I cry
I cry a lot
I criticize myself
With this report, I give myself another opportunity to cry, about what I didn't do, what I couldn't get, what I'm bad
Having said that, I need this (atleast some of it) and have to modify this report to help me more and to bring out things that I did well

What didn’t go well?

  • Workouts
    • Currently working without a set goal in mind. Was going to run a HM on the 30th, but cancelled that since my friend was visiting.
    • Now I feel, ‘if you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them’. I argued that I couldn’t do that race since my friend is visiting and I wouldn’t have the time and I don’t get to run the race now.
    • Long way to go. Thinking of moving my workouts to the morning, before my legs get tired of the 15K commute cycling that i do each day.
  • No progress on personal projects
    • Got another 3-4 ideas that I think are worth working on, atleast on the side
    • Had started working on a ideas page on the blog (copied from gyani’s blog)
    • should get back to it and get it out in the public
    • I don’t plan to make much progress on this front for another week tbh

What I’m looking forward to?

  • Workouts!
    • Always look forward to these!
    • this week is challenging
  • The Early Twenties Podcast
    • super interesting podcast released with Dr Shamoly Khera, TV presenter, Motivational speaker and cosmetologist.
    • Listen to it! NOW! http://earlytwenties.co
  • Work
    • We have a 3 day project and it seems pretty interesting!

I’m pumped after spending 30 minutes writing this! just pumped

“What I’m looking forward to” section is such a blessing!

Have an amazing week folks! Later Sodhi! 🔪 🔪 🔪

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