Can you refer me ?

This is meant to be a quick FAQ for people who want me to refer them at whatever company I’m employed at.

I rarely open linkedin, which means I can’t help people even if I want to. If y’all just make sure to mention the basic info required, then ideally I can refer you after your first message. If there’s a bunch of to-and-fro b/w us, it’d probably not happen.

Q1. Can you refer me?

Honestly, in most cases, I will. I want people to enjoy where they work at and if that’s the firm where I’m at. That’s great!

Q2. How should I reach out to you ?

Most of the people here reach out to me on Linkedin and that works well. However, when you do write to me, please be sure to include the following

  • Quick introduction about who you’re
  • A bit about your previous experience (internships if recently graduated or just previous companies)
  • Why are you interested in the firm(/job-post) where I’m employed ? You can be honest with me :)
  • What job post(s) do you want me to refer you for? I’m not going to search this for you. Please refer to my firm’s career page and link job postings when you mesasge me
  • If there are specific requirments for a job post that you like. Do you qualify atleast a few of them ?

Q3. I have a scheduled interview with your firm. Can you help me with interviews?

You can most certainly find tons of details on my firm’s interview process on the internet. If you have specific questions that you couldn’t find answers to, please mention them instead of “Can you help me with interviews”. Don’t ask to ask.

Finally a general tip, which most of us have been guilty of at some point in our lives: